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Country Kitchens

An amazing range of cabinetry in australia. The most attractive country styles are right here…

Classic Kitchens

Feel the warmth of our classic kitchen designs with Farmers finest collection of classic furniture and kitchens…

Classic Kitchens

Feel the warmth of our classic kitchen designs with Farmers finest collection of classic furniture and kitchens…

Waratah Countery Cream

Waratah Cafe Latte

Waratah with Spalshback

Tuscan Limited

Waratah Decaf’e

Country Kitchens With Period English Flavor…

Can you imagine a period kitchen that’s perfectly you?

Imagine the theme, style, tones and details you’ve always wanted. Thousands of families have realized this heartfelt reality from having a FARMERS kitchen. Born from English kitchens, centuries ago, the country style kitchens in Australia have a diverse range from cottage kitchens to modern country kitchens.

A small, but powerful niche of country kitchens in Australia is growing stronger in demand. Country kitchens in Melbourne are proving to be the heartland of old style kitchens in Australia. Some may say “I don’t want an old fashioned kitchen”
But, a period style kitchen need not be an old style kitchen when fitted with Europe’s latest internal fittings of soft close doors and drawers and much more.

The infinite customization possibilities from the FARMERS kitchen system, are available to you, in any part of Australia and New Zealand. Just ask Candy Farmer an accredited cabinetmaker or kitchen designer close to you. These talented people will have your personal theme of of possibly, modern country kitchen to a period kitchen in mind.

Do you love granite or marble bench tops and natural timber flooring ? If so, FARMERS warm hand finishes of subtle tones that lock in the beautifully crafted natural timber and natural timber veneer construction, creates the complete impression of country kitchens in Australia. Timeless themes go well with timeless families, in the heart of your home.
Interestingly, of profound proportions, a plastic element has crept into the period kitchen industry. It is a plastic cling wrap over MDF panels called – “vinyl wrap” with limited colours and pretend wood grain, that are inevitably discontinued within a decade or so. Many country kitchens in Melbourne have this due to perceived cost cutting, and ease of manufacture for the modern day. “bang em out” cabinetmaker of supposedly, country kitchens of Australia.

Do you really feel plastic vinyl wrap on MDF is in good company with granite bench tops and natural timber flooring for country kitchens of Melbourne? Centuries ago, English kitchens and the birth of country classic kitchens utilized the one and only medium , “Timber” in all visible components for the theme, style, tones and details you have probably dreamed of. Also alarmingly disturbing, is the advent of 2 pack polyurethane in solid colours over computer numerically controlled (CNC) robotically routerd medium density fiberboard (MDF). They are practical , but not remotely classic, lifeless really. Life is too short for pretend and compromise.

Your perfect kitchen begins here.
Let the discovery begin.
Modern country kitchens are now a FARMERS specialty.

Any colour, any patina, lovingly hand rubbed and finished in full waterborne paint system for peace of mind. Enjoy your journey for perfection.